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In The Final Analysis

Buyers hunting for bargains have a number of options these days, which range from foreclosure auctions to short sales (lenders accepting less than the total mortgage amount due). In addition, there are instances in which a bank attempts to sell a home after an unsuccessful sale at a foreclosure auction. […]

Home Sweet Home Or Apartment?

The decision whether to rent or purchase a home is influenced by a host of personal factors that are viewed against a background of shifting financial and economic realities. Up to this point, a good argument could be made that renting was more of a bargain than buying. However, as […]

Moving To Parts Unknown

Not everyone has a firm idea about what neighborhood they want to live in. Such is often the case with people who must relocate their families as a matter of career advancement. If you are planning on moving or need some storage, check out the best moving company from […]

Where Are You Getting Your Information?

If you are relying on a real estate website to gauge the current value of your home, chances are you will either under- or overvalue your property. As convenient as these websites are, they utilize information that is outdated, incomplete, or simply incomprehensibly wrong while also using algorithms (mathematical instructions […]


All day long, everything thing we do, day in and day out, requires a process—a correct sequence of events that leads to a successful result. If you put the butter on your bread before you stick it into the toaster, you’re going to make a mess (and possibly start a […]

How to use our new search feature

We have gotten many compliments on our new website since going live in October. Many homebuyers in Lewisburg, PA, Selinsgrove, PA, and Sunbury, PA as well as some of the other towns in the Central Susquehanna Valley have asked us about using some of the new features on our site. […]