How clean is your house?

Whenever I start to feel bad about the state of my house.. I watch an episode of “How clean is your house?”

There is no better feeling than having your house beautiful and clean, don’t you like entering in your own home and feel it fresh and with everything in order ? Well you can make it happen with just a little effort and motivation. Let your laziness in a side and overcome it to make sure you live and feel good in your own space, it it so important, and it can change your life just with a little mind set.Výsledek obrázku pro cleaning house

Have you heard of green products for the environment ?, well this is another move you need to make when cleaning your house, you can get some wheelie bin wash tips it will make you feel better to stop using chemicals in your house and still be able to use the best products around.

Do You Have Furry Pets?

If you have dogs or cats living inside your home, you should definitely get it professionally cleaned, Carpet Cleaner Sacramento it’s a good option to hire, every 6-9 months. More frequent cleaning is recommended because furry pets shed fur and dander on your carpets. Even if you vacuum your carpets 3-4 times a week, the bacteria and dirt that these animals bring from outside can damage your carpet fiber, reducing its life.  No matter how much you plan on keeping your pets clean, their fur is vulnerable to pests and microorganisms that can damage your carpets. Vacuuming will eventually reduce your frequency of hiring professional help, but twice a year is still recommended.

It acts as a kick start to make me want to clean everything up, even if I’m feeling slothful (I don’t want my house to ever look like that. And it always makes me feel better, because I realize that there are people out there with much, much worse houses than mine will ever be. Some people don’t even have their own house.

Anyways.. I found some episodes on Youtube.. so for your viewing pleasure, today we check out the (tiny) house of a lady with 4 kids.