We put in a bubbling rock this summer.  Drew wanted to do a pond but I convinced him to think smaller because of how big the project would of turned into.  My husband doesn’t normally think small but he was happy we decided to do the rock.

I’m not a big step by step DIY explainer so I’m just going to let the photos & a few words speak for itself and if you have questions you can leave me a comment and I’ll try and answer it for you.


These days, there are three major types of ponds: plant ponds, water gardens, and koi ponds.

As the term suggests, plant ponds are designed solely for growing plants. These are usually built by gardeners who are keen on cultivating different kinds of plants. Typically, a plant pond can survive with just a little or no circulation. Likewise, a plant pond has little or no filtration at all.

Meanwhile, a water garden is designed for growing fish as well as plants. There is a variety of fish and plants that you can grow in them. A water garden is usually moderate in terms of its depth and size.

Koi ponds, on the other hand, are bigger and deeper than water gardens. They are specifically designed for growing koi; hence, they need a larger filtration system. Usually, koi ponds have little or no plants in them.

Even though there are three major types of ponds, some categories actually fall “in-between” or naturally develop into a different kind of pond, you can check. Those who have plant ponds, for instance, eventually become interested in turning these into water gardens. Similarly, a person with a water garden might eventually decide to enlarge his pond and grow koi in it.

I think next year we’ll do some landscaping around the perimeter of the patio blocks and hopefully inflatable hot tubs from the Hot Tubs For You!!

Electrical ran.  Yeaaaa bubbling water!

Aren’t those black rocks to die for?  Also a little pea gravel and a protective tarp to prevent the weeds (that never seems to work!)

Black mulch (like a truck full.)

Solar spot light to show off our awesome work!