Rental Services

Bowen Agency Realtors is pleased to offer rental services to the Central Pennsylvania region.

We understand that real estate is a personal asset and take great appreciation in ensuring that your values are our values.

Leasing services consist of advertising through multiple sources including our website, screening potential tenants to include employment verification, past landlord history and credit history, showing the property and obtaining signatures on leases, collecting the first month’s rent and security deposit, then distributing an agreed-upon amount to the landlord. This is ideal for property owners who cannot take time away from their work schedules to follow-up on phone inquiries.

Management services are ideal for the investor who wants to separate themselves from the everyday dealings with tenant issues. Services consist of items mentioned above in addition to advertising, accounting for lease payments, inspections by municipal authorities, security deposit accountability, mailing 1099s to vendors, payment of taxes, insurance and mortgages, magisterial duties, contracting of repairs, lawn care and snow removal. Statements are distributed on a monthly and year-end basis either by postal mail or e-mail. Balances can be ongoing in your account or can be directly deposited into an account of your choosing or mailed with the statement. Owners have the option to log into their account at any time to see activities throughout the month.

Specific Property Management Services Include:


  • Using two local MLS Boards to reach the attention of over 500 real estate agents
  • Yard Signage

Tenant Relations

  • Screening potential tenants to include references, employment and income verification, magisterial inquiries, and credit history
  • Securing signatures from both parties on lease agreements
  • Collecting the first month’s rent and security deposit
  • Eviction processing, when necessary
  • Fielding repair calls

Financial Management

  • Housing of all security deposits in a separate escrow account
  • Direct deposit of monthly proceeds
  • Monthly statements mailed or e-mailed
  • Login options to view account details
  • Year-end statements for tax preparation
  • 1099s for vendors
  • Timely payments of mortgage, taxes, insurance, and utilities on empty units

Vendor Relations

  • Hiring fully-insured vendors for repairs
  • Follow-up on repairs and payment

How does Bowen Agency attract tenants for properties?

The internet provides a wide range of options to reach tenants seeking housing. The multiple listing services allows agents to set-up auto e-mailing services to tenants that describe what they are hoping to find in a rental property. Tenants can use this to track rentals of their liking. Our state-of-the-art website also offers many opportunities to view rentals from any brokerage.

Why Choose Bowen Agency Realtors for Property Management?

  1. Decades of experience and knowledge
  2. Multiple locations offering 3 rental agents
  3. Highly respected reputation

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