Finding the Home in Mifflinburg that’s Right for you Today – and Tomorrow

There is widespread consensus in the housing industry that the market has improved for both home buyers and sellers. But it’s important for prospective home buyers to look at houses in Mifflinburg that both suit their needs today and have the flexibility to change with the family’s needs years into the future. We’re not talking about homes with tons of extra square footage and amenities, but rather homes in Mifflinburg that offer flexibility in the way the rooms are laid out and used.

MSN Real Estate says in an online article “Homebuyers want different things from their homes today. The watchword is flexibility — things such as rooms that serve multiple purposes and homes that can accommodate either boomerang children or aging parents.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Let’s look at a few of the key areas where flexibility in a home’s space can allow homeowners to stay in the same home in Mifflinburg for a longer period of time, even as the family unit grows and changes.

1) Easy access – Instead of two or three-story homes, consider homes in Mifflinburg that are all one level so as you age in the home you have easier access to bedrooms, bathrooms and shared living spaces. While bathrooms can easily be retrofitted with grab bars and upright showers, the basic layout of the home is much harder (and more expensive) to alter.

2) A finished garage – Garages aren’t just for fixing cars anymore, they are ideal for storing items – from seasonal home décor to golf carts and bicycles. They can also be ideal workspaces and hobby areas.

3) A “resource” room (Read: A space to help you stay organized.) – While sewing rooms are less popular these days, families do need a multi-purpose space where bills can be paid and the family schedule can reside. This does NOT need to be an entire room. In fact, a small desk or cubby within the main living or dining space is sufficient and desirable.

4) In-law suites or a “home within a home” — Almost one-third of American adults today are “doubled up” or living in the same household with another adult generation, the U.S. Census Bureau says. They could be boomerang children who come back home after college or a divorce or assisting with aging parents.

5) Energy efficiency – This isn’t just a trend for the rich, it is becoming more and more attainable to have green appliances, technologies, and lighting incorporated into new construction and renovation in Mifflinburg homes.


6) Areas that mesh well with your lifestyle – Think about the chores that you do every week and how to make your life easier. Many homes now have laundry areas within easy access of bedrooms or laundry chutes. Who wants to lug loads of laundry into the dark and dingy basement anyway? Another area to consider is a pantry off of the garage for bulk items and extra food storage.


7) Open floor plan, easy flow – While this isn’t a new concept, it’s one that just won’t go away. People love spaces where they can easily flow from one to another – from the kitchen to the dining room and living room. This is great for busy and multitasking families and for entertaining.

While every family is looking for something different in a home in Mifflinburg, flexibility in terms of the use of space is always a helpful consideration. After all, if you can stay in one home longer, it’s a win-win for everyone.