Mifflinburg PA

About Mifflinburg, PA in Union County

Mifflinburg, PA is a charming and historical town with a rich German heritage. The borough of Mifflinburg is located in Union County, and prides itself on giving visitors “the unspoiled charm of a 19th century Pennsylvania town with its specialty shops and historic homes.” Located in Central Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna River Valley region, Mifflinburg is a short 15 minute drive from Lewisburg, PA on Route 45. The town is home to just over 3,500 people.

The History of Mifflinburg, PA

Elias and Catharina Jungman (Youngman) and their two children, came to the Buffalo Valley to settle in 1792. They divided the land into 60’ by 120’ plots that were sold to other adventurous settlers, many of them German, and the village of Youngmanstown was formed.

A few years later George Rote (Rhoade) laid out a village just east of Youngmanstown, known as Greenville or Rotestown, after George’s death. Eventually, the two settlements merged at Third Street, combined, and were incorporated. The combined village was named Mifflinburg, in honor of Thomas Mifflin, the first Governor of Pennsylvania after the 1790 Constitution.

Mifflinburg, PA Known as Buggy Town Mifflinburg PA

Mifflinburg’s first buggy business was started in 1845. It didn’t take long for more buggy manufacturers to follow. By 1855, with a population of 800, Mifflinburg hosted thirteen coachmakers. By the 1880s, with more than fifty buggy and sleigh factories, Mifflinburg became known as “Buggy Town” because its buggy makers produced more horse-drawn vehicles per capita than any other town in the state.

Buggy Museum in Mifflinburg, PA

Mifflinburg honors that buggy history with the Mifflinburg Buggy Museum and the Carriage Corner Restaurant.

The Mifflinburg Buggy Museum preserves the only intact 19th century carriage factory in the United States. The complex, on Green Street, in downtown Mifflinburg, PA includes a historic buggy maker’s home, buggy showroom, and modern visitor center. The visitor center has permanent and changing exhibits, hands on work bench and videos.

The Carriage Corner Restaurant gives visitors the experience of dining in a unique 1850s atmosphere. Homestyle comfort food makes diners feel welcome and at ease.

Downtown Mifflinburg, PA and Mifflinburg Heritage and Revitalization Association

Downtown Mifflinburg, PA is home to unique shops, restaurants, and a bar called The Scarlet D Tavern/Mifflinburg Hotel. The downtown is managed by a part-time Main Street Manager who is employed by Mifflinburg Heritage and Revitalization Association.

The Mifflinburg Heritage and Revitalization Association (MHRA) exists to help promote and maintain a supportive environment where business, community and government work together to foster growth and development, while preserving Mifflinburg’s historic past.

Some of the most popular downtown Mifflinburg, PA events include:

  • Christkindl Market (December)
  • Oktoberfest (October)
  • Blueberries and Bluegrass Festival (July)
  • Christkindl Market in Mifflinburg, PA

Mifflinburg’s Christkindl Market is the town’s largest annual event, drawing upwards of 10,000 people. The festival is the town’s version of an authentic Christmas Market, and is inspired by the 700-year-old traditional German Christkindl Market, or Christ Child Market. It is a massive undertaking for the small town and is almost completely organized by volunteers. For three days, Mifflinburg’s Market Street, with its many churches, is lined with festive outdoor huts featuring unique handmade crafts and traditional Christkindl treats. Dozens of food and craft vendors sell their wares to passersby.

The air is filled with the enticing aroma of roasted almonds, hot chocolate, Hungarian goulash, sweet sausages, gourmet coffees, and hot spiced wine. Taking place the first weekend in December, the Market is an ideal way to kick-off the holiday season.

Raymond B. Winter State Park in Mifflinburg, PA

R.B. Winter State Park covers 695 acres and is located within Bald Eagle State Forest. The Park is located along Route 192 in Mifflinburg, PA. Bald Eagle State Forest spans into the bordering County, Centre County. The focal point of R. B. Winter State Park is Halfway Lake which is filled by spring-fed mountain streams (think: cold water year round!). The Park is open year-round, and offers opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, picnicking, swimming, fishing, cross-country skiing, camping, and much more.

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