10 Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s spring cleaning time! Contact professional clean Brisbane to come out and help you. Whether you’ve lived in your home for 1 year, 10 years, or 20+ years, there is always room to touch up,  steam cleaning clean up, and minimize clutter. Before becoming an agent, I spent a few summers working with Mississauga office cleaners and we practiced efficiency!

Let’s go room by room and I will share with you a few tips from office cleaning service on efficiently cleaning your house:

1. Kitchen – Wipe down the cabinets, drawer pulls and appliances. Clean off fingerprints and oily smudges on doors, but don’t use anything too abrasive or you could damage the finish of stainless steel. Clean out the fridge and wipe down the inside of the door and all inside surfaces. Add some fresh baking soda. And don’t forget to scour the inside of the sink! 

2. Office  – Clean painted walls. To achieve a Maid2Match house clean stnadard, start with a clean cloth or sponge and water. If that doesn’t work get a cleaner from London office cleaners so they can dip the rag or sponge into water mixed with a little dishwashing liquid. If the stain persists, apply a few drops of soap directly onto the wet sponge or cloth you’re using. For more stubborn cases, you could apply a little bulk soap right onto the stain. If you need to resort to a stronger product like Fantastik or Formula 409, realize they have strong solvents in them and can soften the paint surface. Make sure that whatever you do to get rid of the stain, you rinse the wall afterward with plain water.

3. Dining Room – Clean the light fixture that’s directly above the dining room table. Make sure that all lightbulbs are working properly and are the same wattage, and consider adding a dimmer switch in this room.

4. Master Bedroom – Organize the closet. Believe me, buyers open closets (especially in the bedrooms) to get a sense of how much space they’ll have for their items, so take the time to make sure everything is hanging in the same direction on hangers and that shoes are put away properly. Consider adding a light and/or painting the insides of the closet if you have time. Make sure your carpets are clean, you may not think it’s important but trust me home buyers will look at everything, if you are to overwhelm ask for help at Carpet Cleaning Ann Arbor, Carpets should not stay damp for too long. Carpets and rugs are lovely oriental rugs have flar, and are comfy and cozy. Used and maintained correctly, they are able to last several years, and become an origin of wonderful pride and happiness

5. Home Office – Piles of paper, sticky notes, and unpaid bills just don’t cut it. Keep the desk clean, shiny, and professional looking. Take the time at the end of each work session to file away papers in folders, a filing cabinet, or drawer. Put away pens and pencils in one container and stash lesser-used items like staplers, calculators and tape.

6. Bathroom – Line up towels, if they are in sight, or better yet, keep linens in a closet away from view. Put all makeup containers and hair accessories in drawers and put away toothbrushes. Clean the shower and shower curtain, as buyers will take a peek at the shower too.


7. Kids Bedroom/Play Room – Invest in a few storage bins. Whether you choose brightly colored plastic bins or a wooden toy chest, it’s essential to keep kids toys in one area and put away. The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to step on, and possibly break, Junior’s favorite train or latest Lego creation.

8. Garage – Garage organization kits can get pricey, but do purchase a few multi-purpose hangers or hooks to hang rakes, shovels and bikes out of the way. The goal is to move as many items as possible out of the center of the space so it appears large enough to serve two purposes: store items and function as a work space for small DIY projects.

9. Basement – Let’s admit it, basements can be scary, especially in older homes. Invest in some lighting so it doesn’t seem so dark and dingy. If you have a staircase that is steep, consider adding a hand railing and slip-resistant carpet or tiles. Use Chem-Dry by the Millers for the carpets  carpets. If you’re really motivated, fix any steps that are excessively creaky.

10. Patio/Deck/Porch – Rent a pressure washer for the day and clean off the surfaces (remove furniture and storage bins first). If you have an outdoor area rug, scrub that too.
(Source: https://gdi.com/).

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