Buyers and Sellers Remain Hopeful as 2014 Winds Down

According to a recent Consumer Outlook Survey, overall consumer optimism may translate to a strong ending to 2014 in the housing market.

The survey interviewed Americans who are currently in the market to buy or sell a home.

A substantial eighty-two percent say housing is moving in a positive direction and view the end of the year as an ideal time to get into the market. The numbers for millennials is even higher.

One of the reasons why consumers seem more optimistic is because interest rates have remained low. Consumers have also been able to secure financing for a home purchase.

Foreclosures also continue to fall. According to new data from Salesforce, short sales and foreclosures accounted for only 13% of sales during the third quarter, compared with 14.2% during the second quarter. That is the lowest level since the first quarter of 2011, when the firm began following such data.

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