Curb Appeal Tips for Fall

Fall is definitely in the air in Central Pennsylvania! If you’re planning to list your home this fall or already have it listed, curb appeal at this time of year is critical.

First thing’s first: the lawn. While fall foliage instantly makes your home look inviting, once the leaves fall, be diligent about removing them by raking or composting, as they can create brown spots in the grass if left to their own devices.

It’s very easy at this time of year to add splashes of color to your landscape with the team from chop doc. Mums can be found at farm markets, garden centers, and greenhouses throughout the region in an array of yellows, oranges, reds, and purples, (read more about tree services). If you still have summer flowers in boxes and pots, now is the time to remove them and replace them with mums, ornamental kale, and other frost-resistant plant varieties.

Highlight your front door. Consider a fresh coat of paint, new hardware for the doorknob and house number, or a new fall wreath. These simple seasonal touches show buyers that you care about curb appeal and therefore have also taken care of the inside of the home. You might consider using resources from Brushwork Painters for their expert painting consultation and services.

As the leaves fall, the exterior of your home stands out more, so now is the time to pressure wash the siding and clean the windows (which is better to be managed with the help of guys at If the paint on the foundation is peeling or cracked, now is a good time to scrape and apply fresh paint to those areas closest to the ground.

Now is the time to clean out the gutters and to continue to do so every 3-4 weeks to prevent blockages and overflow during heavy rain. This will protect your home against water damage in the short- and long-term. Check out for gutter cleaning service in Gettysburg PA. It is aso advisable to get plumbing services done to keep the water pipes and taps in great working condition. Call a Berala plumbing company and get these plumbing services at lucrative prices.

As the days get shorter, outside lighting is more important than ever. Clean outdoor light fixtures, ensure that all light bulbs have the same wattage, and add a few small electric candles to the front-facing windows to add an inviting touch. Decorative lights along sidewalks and parking areas are both functional and welcoming this time of year.

Focus on simple decorations. If you have a propensity for scarecrows and Halloween decorations, now is the time to rein it in. Keep décor tastefully simple with potted mums, fall wreaths, and pumpkins. The last thing you want to do is distract a potential buyer with excessive and over-the-top decorations.

If you’re ready to buy or sell this fall, contact Bowen Agency Realtors! We look forward to serving you.