Intangibles Matter!

Most buyers understandably search for a new home in the same way they buy any commodity. Among other considerations, they look at how well the home was built, how it has been maintained, how it functions, and how well it is likely to hold its value. However, a house is more than a collection of wood, concrete, glass, and asphalt -Our sealcoating extends your driveway and pavement’s life, saves you money, and gives your premises an outstanding makeover learn more about Gettysburg driveway sealcoating— and it is the real estate agent’s job to point out the intangible aspects that make a house a home several construction agencies offer concrete scanning services as a plus if you need any remodeling. Is the neighborhood quiet? Is the house near a school bus stop? Is the street a cut-through point during commute times? What are the neighbors like? Pointing out these important lifestyle considerations can be key to making a sale.

HINT: Home sellers should stress how close their property is to nearby schools and shopping, as well as other conveniences that separate their homes from the rest.

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