Lewisburg, PA Neighborhoods

For a relatively small college town in Central Pennsylvania, Lewisburg, PA is blessed with a wide variety of housing options – from condos like Casa Del Mar and townhouses to brand new single family homes, historic homes, ranch-style homes, farm houses, and everything in-between.

Because there is such diversity, the region has a wide range of property taxes, based on the subdivision, township, and amenities. Generally speaking, property taxes are $2,500-4,500 per year for an average $150,000-$250,000 home, but they can exceed $20,000 per year in a high-end development such as Countryside.

So whether you’re looking for a move-in ready home or a “fixer upper” interested buyers will find a variety of housing options. And there are more than a dozen neighborhoods from which to choose. Here are just a few of the most popular Lewisburg, PA neighborhoods:

Historic District:

Downtown Lewisburg is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and many of the homes in the Historic District are also listed on the National Register. Owners take great pride in keeping their properties pristine and up-to-date. Speaking of updates, any changes to the outside of these homes are bound by and must be approved by Lewisburg’s Historical and Architectural Review Board (HARB).

The area is very appealing to young professionals and couples, as it is very walkable and biker-friendly. Parking can be a challenge during peak times such as Bucknell University’s Family Weekend and Homecoming and during festivals like the Lewisburg Arts Festival.

Because of its proximity to the Susquehanna River and Bull Run Creek, much of the Historic District is located within the flood plain, so many homeowners have flood insurance to protect their homes and personal property, and offer peace of mind.


One of the most popular Lewisburg, PA neighborhoods, Linntown is located along the upper “teen” streets and on the opposite side of Route 15 as the downtown historic district. Walkable, pedestrian-friendly and bike-friendly, this area is popular with families and young couples. The area is also great for young families, as the Elementary/Middle School is located within close proximity and it is within easy walking distance to the well-maintained St. Mary Park, which offers picnic facilities, a skate park, pool in the summer, ice skating rink in the winter, and multi-generation walking trail.


One of the newest Lewisburg, PA neighborhoods, Brookpark is located between Route 45 and Route 192 and offers brand new homes on ample sized lots. Many of the homes were built in the late 1990s or 2000s, so they are up-to-date and offer many modern amenities.

Homes in this subdivision are also within walking distance to the newly updated and well-funded Union County Public Library and the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail, two significant benefits for active couples and families. There are also professional services in this area of town – doctor’s offices, law offices, pop up shop rental, a café, and the like.

Like other new subdivisions in the region, there are deed restrictions to control the look and feel of the neighborhood. Property taxes are a bit higher than the norm, about $5,000-$7,000 per year.

Stein Lane and Bucknell Golf Club:

There are a number of subdivisions in this area of town, most of which offer views of the Bucknell Golf Club, or are within walking distance to the green space. Some of the subdivisions include the Meadows at Pheasant Ridge and Windsor. In the case of the Meadows at Pheasant Ridge, homes are in the $500,000-$700,000 range and offer a nice mix of newer and older homes with well-established landscaping.

Spruce Hills and Fox Hollow:

These two developments are located near Beagle Club Road, off of Route 15 just south of Lewisburg borough. Spruce Hills offers older homes from the 1970s and 1980s and Fox Hollow showcases homes built by Fine Line Homes in the 1990s and 2000s.


Located in Kelly Township, north of the borough of Lewisburg, in the vicinity of Walmart, properties in this subdivision offer single-family newer homes with lower property taxes than similar properties to the south. Homes are often listed in the $200,000 range.

Gilead Mountain Estates:

As you drive up the long and winding mountain road to the homes in Gilead Mountain Estates, you’ll immediately notice the mature trees situated throughout this quiet and pristine subdivision. Located off of Route 15 in between Lewisburg and Winfield, the location feels far removed from the bustle of everyday life — for being so close to conveniences.

Established in the late 1980s, all of the homes in this neighborhood have different and distinct architectural styles and all have mature trees surrounding them – ideal for privacy and shade. You will notice this sense of privacy the most when you are sitting on the deck of your home or lounging in a screened-in porch, common amenities in homes found in this subdivision.

In the winter months, after the leaves have fallen from the trees, the view from the top of the mountain is of the majestic Susquehanna River, but it sits high above the flood-plain.

Paris Meadows:

The Paris Meadows development features only Fine Line Homes. New homes range in the $250,000-$300,000 range. The location is outside of town but still on public sewer and water.

Valley View:

Valley View homes were built in the 1970s & 1980s and are modestly priced for the area ($150’s – $190’s). The taxes are also moderate.

 Villa Vista:

The neighborhood of Villa Vista offers a mix of slightly older and newer homes. Some are brand new and nearly all offer great views of the Susquehanna River Valley.


The homes found within Countryside begin in the $900,000 range and above. They are luxurious homes, located on spacious 1-5 acre lots, with professional landscaping, in-ground pools, and tight deed restrictions to maintain a high level of prestige. Taxes in this development are at the highest end of the scale, ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 per year or more.

Farmhouses with Room to Roam:

Just a bit westward, buyers looking for a rural option with much more land will find a number of attractive farmhouse options. Because agriculture is a major driver of the local economy and a tourism draw, farms are well-preserved and can offer upwards of 100+ acres. Amish and Mennonite families are easily found between Lewisburg and Mifflinburg, off of Route 45 and Route 192.

As you can see, Lewisburg, PA neighborhoods are very diverse and offer an array of amenities to interested homebuyers. Because there is such diversity, it’s best to sit down with an experienced real estate agent to discuss your price range and the amenities that are most important to you and your family.

We look forward to working with you!


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