Make a Fresh Start in 2014

Declutter Three Primary Rooms and Get that Home Listed!

Happy New Year! A new year offers so many new possibilities – new goals, milestones, and challenges to tackle. It might also be the right time for you to list and sell your home. Let Bowen Agency Realtors help you through the process. But before you call us, consider taking the time to declutter your rooms, apply some fresh paint, and get your home ready to list! Let’s discuss three key areas of your home – the kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom.


The kitchen can be the most daunting area to organize if you own a lot of kitchen gadgets and spend a lot of “family time” in that space. Even if your kitchen is large and offers soundbars producing high quality entertainment and ample counter space, counters are often the first area to become cluttered. First and foremost, stash away appliances that you don’t use every day, but do not put away the Air Fryer Oven  (like the toaster/toaster hand and stand mixer, food processor, and the like).

Don’t forget energy-efficient lighting.

Fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps use up to 75% less energy than comparable incandescent lamps. In fact, according to  a single CFL bulb will save $30 to $40 during its expected lifespan of 10,000 hours. But make sure you keep task areas well-lit: Consider efficient halogen and LED lighting sources anywhere you’re planning to chop veggies or measure ingredients. Or plan a skylight overhead–the sun’s still free. And of course, during the day make sure you use natural lighting, try doing a replacement windows toronto if your kitchen windows (check out) are not big enough.

Whether you like it or not, when your home is for sale, prospective buyers will look in your closets and drawers to judge space for their own belongings, so take the time to clean out “junk drawers”, the pantry, and cabinets where dinner plates and glasses are stored.

Stack similar items together in the pantry (baking items, pasta and rice, soups, snacks, cereals, canned goods, etc.)

Store bills and keys out of sight. Bills should be in a secure place, not on the kitchen table, entry table, or on the fridge, you should keep them locked in a closet with locksmith nyc services. Keys should be on neat hooks out of sight but easily accessible in case a potential buyer wants to see a locked garage or storage shed.

Master Bedroom

In addition to decluttering the floor of your bedroom, think about the nightstands and dressers. Stow smaller items, such as eye glasses, in a drawer.

This is a great time to clean out bedroom closets and donate items that you haven’t worn in the past 6 months.

After decluttering, think about investing in new linens and a comforter. Natural fabrics and light colors offer a fresh perspective and are more appealing to potential buyers. For an extra touch, update your bedside table lamps to a more contemporary style.

Main Bathroom

When decluttering your main bathroom, keep these simple A, B, C’s in mind:

“A” storage areas are active, accessible, and meant for daily use. In this case, “A” areas mean toothbrushes and blow dryer, the shampoo bottle and the razor. “A” storage areas should be user-friendly. They should welcome the groping hand with no hidden hazards, even before the poor blind showerer has inserted her contact lenses or found her glasses. The vanity countertop, the top drawer, a chrome mesh bucket in the shower area are all “A” storage areas.

“B” storage areas hold items used weekly to monthly. Your collection of scrunchies for exercise-class ponytails, nail care equipment and the battery-operated beard trimmer are all consigned to “B” areas. “B” areas aren’t so easy to reach. You’ll stretch or bend to reach the middle drawer, the under-sink spaces, the toilet-top storage cupboard.

“C” storage areas require excessive bending, stretching or standing on tip-toe. This is where you stash the gold-flecked makeup for fancy nights out and the foot-massage machine. If you use an item less than once a month but more than twice a year, it’s a lowly “C”.

When you’ve successfully decluttered the primary areas of your home and are ready to get your home on the market, come to Bowen Agency Realtors. We look forward to working with you