Staging Secrets: Top 10 Ways to Wow Potential Buyers at Every Showing

Staging sells houses. If you can’t hire a stager, there are several ways you can stay ahead of the curve and catch potential buyers the moment they step in your house.

1. Nothing Personal But Remove the Photos:
People can be very photogenic, but many clients are distracted by portraits of the sellers, and miss out on key selling points of the home. As an amateur photographer, I love displaying my work, but if I’m selling my house, art will be displayed without people in it. No matter how nice the display, personal photos are just that: too personal.

2. Accentuate the Positive:
My clients usually know what they like best about their home. It’s usually what they saw that made them want to buy, or it’s something that they added to make the home particularly special. Whether it is a staircase, a great view from the kitchen sink, a pergola or a three-car garage, do something to make the buyers linger in that magic space, if the garage was what caught your attention when buying, do some repairs, type garage door repair near me in Google and Tip Top Garage Doors – Charlotte NC give that garage some life back.

3. Smells Like Home:
I’ve heard of many real estate agents bringing in a toaster oven to bake cookies or fresh bread. One colleague joked about keeping an Easy-Bake oven in the trunk of her car. I usually opt for a few plug-in air fresheners. I like using vanilla in the kitchen, fresh scents in the laundry, apple cinnamon in the living room and such. Specific aromas add a theme to the tour, even when it’s not an open house.

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