Summer Moving Tips

Congrats – you purchased a new home! And now, the moving process. Don’t panic. If you’re planning to relocate this summer, take a few moments to read these moving tips and hire New Rochelle Moving Companies:

Do-It-Yourself vs. Using the Pros

Can you really “do it yourself”? Think seriously about enlisting professional help to move your items, even if you do the packing yourself. We suggest getting three estimates from local companies like the one in Ajax, ON etc, before proceeding. If you insist on moving yourself, take some time to use a packing calculator so you know how many boxes you’ll need to acquire in advance.

A Month to Prepare is Ideal

Strategy is key with packing and cheap long distance moving. If you have more than a month to move, use the time wisely. Start by going through clothing, books, and CDs to see what can be donated, recycled, and given away. You’ll make someone’s day and reduce the amount of “stuff” that needs to go into a box.

Reduce Moving Stress on Kids and Pets

If you have children or pets, moving can be very stressful on them; therefore, sometimes it is better to hire Removalist Gold Coast professionals. Make arrangements in advance for daycare or pet-sitting or doggie daycare so you can focus on the task at hand on moving day.  If that’s not an option, set up safe places for your children to play and for your pets to relax at your current home and in the new home so they’re not underfoot.

Take Pictures

Take time to take pictures of electronic hook-ups before unhooking them. Do the same with furniture that needs to be assembled and re-assembled. Keep all components in a clear baggie that is labeled so you’re not at a loss when you arrive at your new home.

Insurance Gives Peace of Mind

Consider getting insurance for your items while in transit. If using a professional mover, it may cost a few dollars extra, but it provides peace of mind and eliminates later annoyances.

Moving Checklists

Thousands of people move every year, so why not learn from their lessons? Download a simple moving checklist from the internet to make sure you’re not forgetting anything major (secure enough boxes and packing supplies, notify banks and credit card companies) or minor (forward mail to new location, refill prescriptions) and if you feel you need some extra help call the  removals company for assistance.

Source: Auckland moving company.