Where Are You Getting Your Information?

If you are relying on a real estate website to gauge the current value of your home, chances are you will either under- or overvalue your property. As convenient as these websites are, they utilize information that is outdated, incomplete, or simply incomprehensibly wrong while also using algorithms (mathematical instructions used to interpret information) that can change with unnerving frequency. As a result of so many fluctuations and potentially inaccurate and/or incorrect data inputs, homeowners may wake up to find that their homes have drastically dropped or risen in price for no discernable reason. With this in mind, there is no substitute for having a locally based real estate professional look at your home firsthand and offer an appraisal.

HINT: If you rely on a real estate website to set your asking price, you risk missing the best opportunity to properly market and sell your home at the best price in a reasonable amount of time.





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